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Raising a child can be an expensive venture. Often, Pennsylvania families with the luxury of two incomes struggle to pay the mortgage, pay the car note, buy groceries and pay for all of the extras that come with providing for a child. This struggle is aggravated when a single parent is attempting to do the same but with only one income. Along with the numerous other benefits, child support assists with meeting the basic needs of one’s child.


Fortunately, Pennsylvania parents recognize the need for making timely child support payments. In fact, Pennsylvania leads the nation with an 84 percent payment rate. This translates into more custodial parents receiving the funds needed to help take care of the children.



On the other hand, there are still parents who are unable or unwilling to do their part financially; when this happens, there are steps that can be taken. It is possible for child support payments to be taken from payments such as Social Security benefits, unemployment compensation and even workers’ compensation benefits. Additionally, tax refunds and lottery winnings can be redirected so that payments are made. In addition, liens can be placed against property and professional and driver’s licenses can be suspended for nonpayment. One other option that is used as a last resort is that the delinquent parent can be incarcerated for up to six months.


When a custodial parent has trouble collecting child support from the other parent, it is usually time to seek legal guidance on the best way to proceed. The State of Pennsylvania takes child support matters seriously. The goal is to make sure that the children are taken care of according to the financial standing of both parents.

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